3 wonderful festive helicopter safari activities found in Beautiful Botswana to free the mind

We all have been through an exhausting 24 months .Things feel like it’s getting a little bit lighter on our shoulders.  You have decided to, or may still consider to travel to Botswana this festive season.

Whilst so many things may seem unsure there is one certainty; getting out into the wilderness allows us  to free our minds  from the clutter and frustrations of the new norms we face. Time to take a break from home and to get out there. Remove your masks and breathe the fresh air of the African Bush.

As a pilot for over 14 years in the amazing Okavango Delta I have had the opportunity to experience many amazing safari activities, by vehicle, boats, horses, elephants, aeroplanes and of recent Helicopters.

 I will take you through the amazing possibilities that one can experience by helicopter over Beautiful Botswana this festive season as we look to isolate ourselves in nature.

Experiences of priceless moments on Safari

As the time for giving descends upon us once again take the opportunity to give a family member or friend a special gift. An  experience will not break, fade or get stolen but will be a memory that will last a lifetime, OR who better deserves a gift than yourself. Appreciate and treat yourself today as tomorrow may just be too late. Join me as we

  • Sense the freedom we get when we rise above the earth and depart on  our Helicopter Flight Safari  over the Okavango Delta
  • Immerse ourselves into the sights and now , the sounds of the wilderness of the Okavango Delta and at the same time enjoy tantalising our taste buds.
  • Discover a forgotten world where one feels like we have left this planet before we come back to earth into a mystical place of ancient trees placed against mother nature’s canvas of granite rock to wide open salt pans.

Flights of a Kingfisher

There are  two options here. We could do a 45 min ute or a 60 minute scenic flight. Both flights will give you the opportunity to see the vastness of the Okavango Delta and animals from above.  A truly unique experience seeing the giant elephants from above as they lumber forward carving their tracks through the papyrus to the undisturbed view of pods of hippopotamus in the permanent lagoons and at times be lucky enough to see them wandering outside the security of their watery sanctuary.

Unbelievable patterns of animal tracks in the grass and the waterlilies among the multitude of different colours of green all in one ultimate flight with me as we hover over the Okavango Delta.

Explosion of sensory inputs

Take the already magnificent experience of a Kingfisher’s perspective of the delta as we weave, hover and dance above mother nature before we descend below the tree tops and free our “soles”   as we put our feet back on mother earth. We take the opportunity to feel , smell and hear the cacophony of sounds and  stimulations presented to our senses as we top it off with the satisfying taste of either a Gin and tonic or a flavoursome locally crafted Okavango Craft Beer and for those extra special moments I could  add some bubbles into the mix.

Many of us take our ability to see and appreciate the beauty of mother nature for granted. Early bird catches the worm they say, so join me for a morning flight as we rise with the sun and then settle onto the island to have a Coffee with a Cause and enjoy a tranquil coffee stop as we enjoy the aromas of the brew blended by the Blind Barista mixed with the soothing smells of the African Bush and wild sage.

Makgadikgadi Pans Magical Carpet ride around Jacks camp

Since you have come all this way to join us in the Okavango Delta it would be a waste to miss the opportunity to head south into a land of the “Big Nothing”. This seemingly barren landscape holds so many special treasures and adventures to escape and isolate yourself in what can only be described as the Middle of Nowhere, to the ignorant

As you step back in time and enter a place of stylish old world glamour and Persian carpets you will have the opportunity to join us once again in one of the extraordinary activities to be enjoyed in the Makgadikgadi Pans of Botswana.

Hop aboard your magic carpet as we take you to the skies over the desert where you will begin to feel you have left this world and ended up over the moon on your way to the sacred site of Kubu Island .  Here you get to venture out onto the granite outcrops in the middle of salt pans and get an up-close view of the upside down trees better known as the Baobab. Get a sense and appreciation as to why this place is considered to be a sacred place to the indigenous people in the area.

As we board our magic carpet back to the land of plenty, December to March we see the large migrating herds of zebra and wildebeest, we continue to explore the unearthly shapes and patterns of the islands in the salt pans and the endless lines of paths carved into moonlike grey pans beneath us. The grandeur of Mother Nature’s canvas becomes ever so clear.

It is an indescribable experience at its best.  A land of nothing, vast open salt pans as far as the eyes can see and yet a land of contrasting life.

“You shouldn't wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories.” “A life-long blessing for you is to fill your heart with warm memories of times exploring mother nature and the great outdoors. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days that may lie ahead.”

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