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Okavango Sundowners

60 min
USD375 pp

Magic light, stunning sunsets and a nice selection of drinks is our recipe for this amazing experience.

Take off across the Okavango and set down on a remote island for a gin and tonic or any beverage from our on board travel bar! Witness a copper sun sinking to the sounds of the Okavango.

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  • Helicopter landed in the Okavango for sundowners
  • Watching the sunset, Okavango Delta
  • Sundowner drinks
  • Drinks tray
  • Flock of flamingoes

Check in Time

Please check in 40 minutes prior to your scheduled take off time. This will allow enough time for us to take weights, conduct a safety briefing and issue tickets.

After this has been conducted you can relax on the viewing deck and take some great pre-flight pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.


Please be aware that seating allocation on all our sharing flights are done according to weight and balance which is done during your safety briefing and ticketing.

Should you want to choose your own seats you can book an exclusive flight at the cost of one additional seat and you are guaranteed the ‘best seats in the house'.


All flights are weather dependent. Should the conditions not be ideal for flying we will try to reschedule to the next best available flight window.

Note that the temperature in the sky is exactly the same as on the ground in case you are wondering what to wear.

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